When You’ve Got 99 Problems & Death Isn’t One

By: Lauren Thaler  |  Date: March 4th, 2013  |  Category: Hardship? Try This On For Size, Other Things That Make Me Tick  |  Comments: Say Something »

Wondering how to lean on a friend who is grieving without being a selfish bozo? This week in my Everplans column, A Matter of Life and Death, I’ll tell you. Even if your problems are pint-size compared to your friend’s crater of a hardship, your problems matter. And they matter to your friend. Read the column here.

Think Different.

By: Lauren Thaler  |  Date: October 6th, 2011  |  Category: Cancer Chaos, Other Things That Make Me Tick  |  Comments: 6 comments »

I’m in New York for Advertising Week, which has a heavy slant toward all things digital, mobile and social, so you can imagine how the tenure of this weeklong conference changed after the news of Steve Jobs’ death. Every panelist, presenter and moderator had something to say about his legacy, the empire he built and the world he changed.

At a time like this I can’t help but think about my own experiences with the products that Steve Jobs brought into the world. When I was in eighth grade, I remember thinking my big, blue iMac was the coolest thing since slap bracelets had been invented. I remember buying my first iPod at Best Buy, taking the metro home and subsequently bursting into tears when I realized I had left my brand new iPod on the metro. I remember when I purchased my first iPhone and was totally intimidated by its [...]

Back To School

By: Lauren Thaler  |  Date: September 13th, 2011  |  Category: Other Things That Make Me Tick  |  Comments: 2 comments »

I’m back from vacation, and it’s back to school. Well, not for me per se, but it’s hard to miss the fall, post-Labor Day back-to-school vibe. TV commercials, stores displaying the season’s new collegiate cardigan in the window, tweens crossing the street in school uniforms, coworkers talking about their kids’ first day back, you can’t miss it.

While I don’t miss the homework, I do miss my mom’s special attention during my high school years.

Important Modern Lit paper due tomorrow? Oh, don’t worry about helping with the laundry tonight, Lauren, I’ll take care of it.

Calculus exam in the morning? I’ll make you a snack, honey – What are you in the mood for?

My mom kept the apartment quiet, took care of my chores (or at least some of them), anticipated my late night snack hankerings and stayed up past her bedtime to quiz me with Spanish vocab flashcards and American History [...]