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Everplans is a new resource for end-of-life planning, and I’m psyched to be working with the amazing Everplans team to create and organize editorial content that makes dealing with death not quite so difficult. Check out the site when you have a chance, especially if you know someone who could benefit from a less overwhelming approach to everything from estate planning to funeral costs. Below is a post I wrote for the Everplans blog last week.

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Remembering My Mother on My Birthday

When I was a kid, my mother would sneak into my bedroom the night before my birthday. She’d carefully set up little signs, banners and balloons all around my room so that the first thing I saw when I woke up would be her birthday wishes for me. I’d make my way into the bathroom and see that she’d replicated her festive display there, and in my closet, and in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure she loved my birthday more than her own. Read more…

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  1. Ellen Coan Endlich

    I loved your words! And it really filled me up with joy when I was reminded that it was just your birthday. I attended your parents’ wedding, very pregnant with my first son, Matt. And when you were conceived and born, well, those were two over the top celebratory events! Your words were forthright and true, and so heartfelt and loving. I knew your beautiful mother when she and I were 8 years old…
    and how proud she must be of the woman you are and are yet to be! I think about her very often… and I love that her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. Love, Ellen

  2. Susan

    Hi Lauren,
    How could I possibly celebrate a birthday and not think of you!!!
    Also Remembering My Mother on My Birthday was as beautiful as it was touching.
    I sure miss you and am looking forward to seeing you soon.

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