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By: Lauren Thaler  |  Date: September 13th, 2011  |  Category: Other Things That Make Me Tick  |  Comments: 2 comments »

I’m back from vacation, and it’s back to school. Well, not for me per se, but it’s hard to miss the fall, post-Labor Day back-to-school vibe. TV commercials, stores displaying the season’s new collegiate cardigan in the window, tweens crossing the street in school uniforms, coworkers talking about their kids’ first day back, you can’t miss it.

While I don’t miss the homework, I do miss my mom’s special attention during my high school years.

Important Modern Lit paper due tomorrow? Oh, don’t worry about helping with the laundry tonight, Lauren, I’ll take care of it.

Calculus exam in the morning? I’ll make you a snack, honey – What are you in the mood for?

My mom kept the apartment quiet, took care of my chores (or at least some of them), anticipated my late night snack hankerings and stayed up past her bedtime to quiz me with Spanish vocab flashcards and American History facts.

(Unfortunately, I probably returned the favor with my sourpuss mood and curt one-word answers the following morning in the car on the way to school.)

With the fall air whipping around me on my walk to work yesterday and the stacks of things I left in my “to do after vacation” folder and in my Gmail tasks list, I couldn’t help but long for the attention my mother provided in high school.

How awesome would it be if I could twitch my nose Bewitched-style, and my mom would suddenly appear and create the perfect bubble of peaceful solitude in which I could get all of my work done, receive snacks between assignments and not have to worry about cooking dinner or doing the laundry?

To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed even admitting to my mom’s gift of chore-less isolation in high school, but for any of you with a to do list in the double figures, I hope you can relate. A Bewitched nose twitch that would instantly offer the maternal type of personal pampering you need? I bet twenty-somethings would pay money for it.

Parents or no parents, I think it’s hard to be in your twenties and not get nostalgic come fall….It’s reminiscing about high school sports teams, endless gabbing with friends during free periods and parents making dinner while you finished your homework. For me, back-to-school time definitely reminds me of my mom’s unwavering support and encouragement in high school.

Well, on that note, I should probably turn off Memory Lane and get back to real life. I think it’s called adulthood.

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2 Reader Comments

  1. MemeGRL

    Oh, Lauren, I totally understand. After she retired, my mom used to come with me on school visits. She’d hang in the car on nice days (or the hotel on cold ones) and we’d have lunch together. While I was in one school, she’d organize the paperwork and confirm directions to the next and it was such a joy. And it was nothing I couldn’t do for myself but it was so much better with company.
    Hang in there. Pesky growing up.

  2. Lauren Thaler

    Pesky growing up is right! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m so glad the post resonated with you.


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